BCD's staff consists of highly qualified individuals having many years of telecommunications experience. They are skilled in the design, implementation, and training needed to optimize your communications investment.

Most companies can't afford to employ a telecommunications manager. Instead, the HR, accounting, or marketing department manager has to divide their time and focus to handle the responsibility and the outcome is sometimes less than desirable. Our staff is adept in working with the employees to design policy and procedures needed to effectively provide the adds, moves, and changes routinely needed to maintain the telephone system. We also evaluate how well your system is being utilized to make sure you are getting the most from your current investment.

The telephone system is often the most important bridge to your customers. A Call Center is the most efficient way of handling this function and a correctly configured call center will provide you with the performance statistics needed to forecast your staffing levels, increasing both customer satisfaction and profit.

BCD adheres to the philosophy that what is best for the customer is ultimately what is best for BCD. One method of accomplishing this is to make our sales person your one central contact. Their purpose is not to sell you a new system and move on to the next prospect but rather to develop an understanding of your business so they can recommend the best way of meeting your needs. This may range from providing equipment and services to arranging creative financial alternatives.


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